Rice field and malagasy housesWith more than 12 years experience in the tourism industry, whether planning a trip for business or pleasure, we, at Andeha Madagascar, are delighted to offer friendly service and we are excited to share our knowledge and love of Madagascar with you. Whether planning a trip for business or pleasure, Andeha Madagascar’s team has the experience of hosting individuals, groups and film crews.

We are excited to share our knowledge and love of hospitality with you. And one of the most important requirements from our team is to make your trip enjoyable. We offer a quality product and service and we are always sensitive to local cultures and wildlife.

Our loyal guides and drivers are experienced and have been with us for many years. They have excellent knowledge of the country and are willing to share their passion for Madagascar with you.

Our trips, ranging between 5 days to 20 days or more in length, begin in the Capital Antananarivo and cover the major highlights, offering different options with a variety of experiences and adventures: National parks and reserves (Isalo, Tsingy, Ranomafana, Montagne d’Ambre, Kirindy, Marojejy, Masoala), Malagasy traditional ways of life, local people, handicrafts, local markets and much more, and can end with beautiful Madagascar beaches (depending upon the length of the trip and requirements).

Our prices are very competitive.

Ring-tailed lemur, endemic to MadagascarIn addition to our regular packages, Andeha Madagascar is pleased to offer you a special package in partnership with local communities. We support Responsible Tourism practices which contribute to the local economy and social development.

Our trips support local communities that benefit from tourism through shopping and the purchase of souvenirs in local markets, or by making donations to the community or to local primary schools. We present a real and authentic experience that benefits the environment and local people.

Madagascar, a land of tradition

Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island after Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo, is nestled in the nook of the eastern part of the African continent. It is between the Indian Ocean on right and the Mozambique canal on its left side. Madagascar is an Asian country in the African continent: the rice based diet is closely related to Indonesian food while the zebu cattle reflect the African cultural influence on the people of Madagascar. Therefore, the mixed origins of the Malagasy people from the Indonesians and Africans have produced an interesting and extraordinary cultural richness. It is a land where traditional religion is mixed with beliefs in ancestors, in sorcery and funerary customs and where taboos and tradition take place over the law.

Madagascan Screwpine, fire-resistant tree tapiaThe central highlands, most of which are ancient volcanoes, run the length of the island from north to south with altitude ranging from 800 to 2.500 meters (2.600 to 8.125 feet). Resulting from years of rainfall and erosion, the volcano’s lava has formed some interesting limestone shape, known as “Tsingy” in the north and west part of Madagascar. The island is also famous for its mineral resources.

A vast number of fauna with roughly 70 to 80% are found only in Madagascar. It houses 100% of the lemurs in the world, home to 294 recorded species of birds, and more than 90% of its reptile species and frogs are unique to the island.

Do not hesitate, explore Madagascar and enjoy your stay with us!